5 Factors to Consider When Buying a House

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

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Are you planning to buy a house?

Buying a house is one of the most significant financial decisions you will make in your life. When you decide to buy a house, you should take into consideration things that will affect your current and future financial state and lifestyle. And what are they? Here are 7 key factors to consider when buying a house.


When buying a house location is perhaps the most important thing to consider. A great location will remain an asset no matter how the real estate market fluctuates in future. You can make an ugly house attractive but you can’t make a bad location great, however properties in good location will remain a profitable investment. It is also better to find a place near your work which will save you time and transportation cost.

Schools and Colleges

Every parent wants their kids to attend good school and college. Buying a house in close proximity to a good school or college not only makes your life easy, but it will have better potential for capital growth. Even though the house may cost a bit more in such an area, you can rest assured the resale value will be much more. In addition, the house near a school or college rents quickly and stays rented.


When buying a house, a crucial factor to consider is accessibility of basic infrastructures in the area. Before buying a house, find out if there are simple but must have infrastructures available or not.

· Is the location well- connected to roads?

· Are amenities such as street lighting and recreational parks and shopping areas are easily available?

House inspection

A house inspection is a must. Clever real estate agents make sure to stage the property to look its best when you view them. You have to check its maintenance, repairs and renovations in detail before signing on the dotted line. The total expense to fix cracks, and renovation works that you may want to do on the house must be calculated and considered before deciding to buy the house as it can significantly increase the purchase price.

Green open space

It’s natural to have desire for green open spaces for a homeowner. It’s also an important factor to consider when buying a house. Before making the purchase stroll around the locale to see its surroundings, trees, other homes and landscape. The green and open environment around the house can greatly affect its desirability, for you and future buyers, priorities location with beautiful views and great environment for the kids to grow up in. Similarly, topography is also important as the house on the highest point in the area is good for drainage and usually has a good view.

Think deep and make careful considerations when buying a house. It is important to choose the right property if you want to ensure a positive return on your investment. Need help buying a house? We own houses, please contact iNova Better Homes. At or call us at 512-332-4549.

Let us get you a better deal! We’ll do the work. Contact us today: 512-332-4549

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