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iNova Better Homes, LLC

Austin, Texas

what we do 

iNova Better Homes partners with real estate investors &

iNova Better Homes provides homeowners with all construction jobs.

  • iNova helps YOU as a real estate investor to own Single Family Homes, Rental Properties, and Fix and Flip..etc

  • iNova partners in ownership 

  • iNova helps homeowner to modify houses & and maximize potentials

  • iNova helps homeowners with all construction job services:

  •  Home Remodel

  •  House Rehab 

  • Build new addition

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchen 

  • Floors

  • Driveways

  • Roofing 

  • Doors

  • Home Fronts

  • Build new home

  • etc...

  • iNova buys your home when you decide to sell and closes quickly

  • iNova Better Homes leases its houses at competitive rate




Stacy, homeowner 
“Love the work outcomes, right on the  money.”  

2604 Aldrich Street 

Austin, Texas 78723

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